Saturday, October 2, 2010


Title: Sum-Mye

Dimension: 21 x 14 cm.

Technique: Free Books


“Sum-Mye” is a Thai southern dialect of “Sum-Mai (Once more?)” which is the phrasemy friends use to call marijuana smoking. Also, the phrase “Sum-Mye” is similar to the English word “smile” which is one of the reactions of a person who has smoked marijuana.
Back then, I was very into illustrating cartoons but I did not know how to put them into stories because I illustrated them continually as I wishedlike normal cartoons but this is not normal in that they do not convey any story at all. That made me realize the difference between the cartoons that convey stories and those that do not convey any story. Most cartoonsthat convey stories need repetition to make the readers believe that the characters really exist and continue with those pictures forever. Sometimes it can be noted that some characters have never changed their clothes all story long. I, therefore, created a cartoon with repeated pictures. The repetition of this cartoon may be the same as the phrase “once more?” of my friends’ marijuana smoking. That is it makes you get illusions and feel happy. At the end of this cartoon, I have created an activity in which spectators can exchange their opinions about repetition by writing about one repetition one has done over and over in his or her life and send it back to be published in the next cartoon.

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