Thursday, October 11, 2012

We need to talk about money

Money was invented for an equal exchange of objects. We can consider money as a medium of men’s consensus, which both balance and equivalence. In time, the definition of money can be changeable. It can redefine itself by determine its new value as well as its surrounding values, i.e. class, and social structure. Therefore, the design of bank note in every country is a propaganda of power. Straightforwardly or hiddenly, it shows constructed characteristics of that country from its social value, religious belief, cultural norm, and etc. Bank note can be seen as the massive advertisement of the state, qualitatively and quantitively. It is a power in hands of the citizen of that states, which is negatable. I am interested the circulation of bank note in the aesthetic sphere that the audience can participate in this exchange.
Translater   Vipash Purichanont

                                                       Document by Tada Hengsapkul

This is the name of space!! when I did this  Exhibition .  It's my space on T-shirt 

Like a this

I'm make this for tell everyone how to see my work 

I make this of everyone how to buy my work

Drawing coins on paper 

Drawing cash on paper

The customers

The customers

I make event  . sale for rent my studio!!!


I got money for rent!!!

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