Sunday, March 22, 2009

You, Him, Me and Her(Present)

Concept: “You, Him, Me and Her(Present)”

This is similar to the previous one. I have put my present stories into the work. However, the scene has moved from the room under the stairs to inside the mosquito net which is the place I sleep when I have grown up. This work is also a metaphor of the present living place but the “present” time of the creation of this work is now a past.
So I need to tell you something about my life back then. Back then, I stayed in the university which is very far from my home. So my sleeping place had to be moved to dormitories I rented, my friends’ houses or the university. It seemed that I had no place to live. Everywhere seemed like only a place to sleep at night and leave in the morning. That made me think of the mosquito net that is used to cover myself during my sleep at night and the tent that can be used to sleep in outdoors. I, then, mixed these two things together and arranged appliance and utensils in order in the place where I exhibit this work in order to show the change of place and time in the “present” of the work.

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