Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Termite at Nospace Gallery

Title: Termite

Dimension: Variable

Technique: Wood and playing music while sculpting


I started this work in 2007 when I was in my junior year. Back then, I was so fond of sculpting wood that I looked for fallen trees everywhere I went. Sometimes I found normal, upstanding trees and I asked a gardener to cut them down. I could not stand seeing big trees. I needed to cut it down. So, I became a wood addict. The following year, some of my carved wood started to be eaten by termites and trees in the university were becoming so rare that I started to look at my own belongings. Then, I realized how many pieces of wood I had carved and how similar I was to termites, which eat wood. I am similar to the termites in that they destroy wood in order to live while I destroy it to create. These two things went on together and ended up living in the 2008 “Termite” exhibition, which is an exhibition showing how to carve and sculpt wood accompanied by MorLum (E-san singing and dancing style), Thai North-eastern local music. The music is played while I carve wood with microphones inside to make it sound like the wood is singing when it actually is being destroyed.

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